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Christian Bau is a chef of exceptional rank; head chef and patron of Victor’s Fine Dining at Schloss Berg in Perl/Nennig for the last 20 years, honoured with three Michelin stars for the last 13 years, Gault-Millau ›Cook of the Year‹ in 2018 and bearer of the German Order of Merit. So, it’s time to record the current state of his culinary art in 56 incomparable dishes - modern classics, they are shaped by their French basis as well as by Asian influences. But above all by an uncompromising obsession with detail.
28 excerpted dishes – Bau.Steine – comprehensibly illustrate the key components and essential principles of Bau’s cuisine. Supplementary text by Dr. Christoph Wirtz guides one to a deeper insight into Christian Bau’s culinary understanding. Lukas Kirchgasser’s brilliant imagery makes this book into an aesthetic treat.

ISBN 978-3-98541-040-8
Oktober 2018
360 Seiten, 240 x 290 mm, fester Einband
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